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​Bishop Viktor Prokhor is Chairman of the Council of Ukrainian Christian Churches of Washington State. He serves as Senior Pastor of Life Christian Church in Tacoma.

Our Goals and Objectives

Serving the American people and the Ukrainian community in Washington

Strengthening friendly U.S.-Ukraine relations, developing cultural diplomacy, and representing the interests of the Ukrainian Christian community of Washington State before local officials and elected representatives in the U.S. Congress.

Supporting the people of Ukraine in their struggle for independence

Uniting the efforts of Washington State churches in assisting Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression and post-war reconstruction, including religious infrastructure, the development of a democratic society, and the implementation of educational projects.

Promoting Christian values and protecting religious freedom

Developing dialogue, regular meetings, and practical cooperation between Ukrainian Christian churches in Washington State and other U.S. institutions with similar values to serve American society together.

The Council Regulations 



The Council is independent of any political parties, does not interfere in the internal affairs of churches and religious communities, and operates on self-financing, grant projects, and donations.



The Council holds meetings as necessary, including video conferences. Observers and invited experts, government officials, and public figures may participate in open meetings of the Council.



The Council members are the leaders of Ukrainian Christian churches registered in Washington State who established the Council or joined it with the consent of the current members.



The members chair the Council in turn. The Council Chairman is rotated annually at the beginning of the calendar year.


Executive Secretary

The Council elects the Executive Secretary to provide organizational support for its activities. If the Executive Secretary is not elected from among the Council members, he/she has an advisory vote.

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