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The Council Members

Roman Gorbachevskiy

Senior Pastor at Life of Victory Church in Renton, WA

Originally Pastor Roman Gorbachevskiy is from Lviv, Ukraine. Together with his wife and two children he moved to Kent, WA in 2003. Right away after his arrival, he knew that he was not going to settle into comfortable Christian living, but rather decided to eagerly seek God and fight for the lost souls.

Life of Victory Church believes that God has called us to first, worship and exalt His name in our services and our everyday lives. Second Jesus Christ has called us to serve and love each other through support, encouragement and fellowship of his people. And third Jesus gave His followers a commission to spread the Gospel of good news to the lost that salvation can be found in Jesus Christ.

Currently Life of Victory Church has many active ministries including Missions, Home Groups, Mosaic Sisterhood, Victory Kids, Impact Collective (Youth), and Humanitarian Ministry.


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