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Члени Ради Церков

Andriy Matlak

Priest at the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Parish in Seattle, WA

Priest Fr. Andriy Matlak was born in Ukraine, Ternopil region, and attended Theological Seminary in Ivano-Frankivsk. He moved to the United States in 2007 to continue his study in theological fields. After six years of study in St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Seminary in 2013, Fr. Andriy Matlak and his wife Nadiya moved to Kent, Washington, where he was appointed as parish priest of Holy Trinity parish of Seattle. Together they are raising two daughters Elizabeth and Olena.

As the war intensified, Fr. Andriy Matlak opened the doors to his church for refugees and worked with local and federal agencies to facilitate resettlement. The priest and his parishioners conducted donation drives to provide food, medicine, and other humanitarian services to the people of Ukraine during these challenging times. Through his church, Fr. Andriy Matlak continues to provide spiritual guidance and assistance to many within his community whose lives have been impacted by the war.

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